“This is a book the big-name evangelical crusaders who sacrificed their morals at the altar of the Republican Party do not want you to read. Howe, the once-way­ward son of a pastor who personally read.”
— Amanda Carpenter, Author & CNN Political Commentator
This is a fascinating look inside a world that’s a mystery to non-evangelicals like me. But it’s also something I didn’t expect: Funny and moving.
— Tom Nichols, Author of The Death of Expertise
Howe’s deeply personal call to his fellow Evangelical Christians should not be ignored.
— Jonah Goldberg, author of Suicide of the West

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Equal parts personal narrative (Howe is Christian), political mystery and salient analysis, Howe’s book is also an ethical treatise, both devastating and inspiring in its demands on its reader, and reminiscent of the great works of the 19th century Mussar movement.
— Batya Ungar-Sargon, Opinion Editor at Forward
Ben Howe has crafted a book that lays out the rocky path the bulk of evangelical Christian movement took.
— Jay Caruso, Deputy Editor, Washington Examiner
The Immoral Majority is essential for under­standing how American evangelicals arrived at their current moment of crisis.
— Rick Wilson, author of Everything Trump Touches Dies
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